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How do I copy a few lines from one file to another file using the nano editor?

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Assuming you are in pure console mode and can't use the mouse to copy/paste:

  1. Launch nano in multi-buffer mode (nano -F)
  2. CTRL-^ to start your selection.
  3. Arrow key around until you cover all the text you want to copy.
  4. ESC-^ to copy the selection into the cut buffer
  5. CTRL-R ESC-F to open a file into a new buffer
  6. CTRL-U to paste in the opened file

NOTE: To switch between buffers use either ESC-< and ESC-> or ESC-, and ESC-. (the later is helpful if < and > use the same key on your keyboard layout)

An alternative to 2-4 above is to go to the line(s) you want to copy and CTRL-K to delete them, pressing CTRL-K repeatedly to multiple lines to the buffer. When you've cut all the lines you want to copy, CTRL-Y to re-paste them back into the current buffer. Then continue with step 5.

ALT or any other keys with Meta-key behaviour could also be used instead of ESC in these commands.

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