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I am using Excel 2010 and performing a hextodec conversion with text appended to end.

If I have a HEX value of 00B60000 that is located in cell D3 and apply the formula =SUM(((HEX2DEC(D3)*32)/1024)/1024)&" MB" I get the expected result of 364 MB.

If I have a HEX value of 00B5995A that is located in cell F3 and apply the formula =SUM(((HEX2DEC(F3)*32)/1024)/1024)&" MB" I get the result 363.198059082031 MB which is mathematically correct, but I do not want all the decimal places.

I have tried all the default formatting options to the cell, including without decimal places, and the result is the same. Additionally, I have tried to clear contents of the cell and have copied the format from the cell that works correctly to the one that does not work correctly to no avail.

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You can use the ROUND function, with 0 decimal places:

=ROUND(((HEX2DEC(D3)*32)/1024)/1024,0) & " MB"

Another solution, would be to keep the results stored as numbers, and show with "MB", using this formula:


and applying this custom formatting: 0 "MB"

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