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I own a fairly decent but now antiquated Linksys WRT54Gv6 that I wish to upgrade with newer antennas for something of a specialized purpose. I wish to be able to extend my existing wireless network (broadcast on another, unrelated, AP) to this Linksys via Point to Point networking through DD-WRT. For this purpose I was looking into This High-Gain antenna. However, the Linksys AP has two antenna ports. Would I be able to connect to my preexisting network with the Linksys with ONE antenna replaced with the said high-gain antenna, and the other left "as-is" with its current OMNI antenna? If this did work, would I also be able to, on the same AP broadcast a network for client devices to connect to? (which of course would then be forwarded through to the host network)

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Apparently not - the antenna configuration is one OR the other - see for more info. (The device only has 1 radio ...)

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