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I have a particular FTP-related situation that I'm having trouble finding a solution for.

I need an FTP download/syncing application that can operate within the following parameters:

  • It must run under Windows (installing Python to be able to run a script or some such thing is an acceptable solution).
  • It must be able to ignore files before a certain date (I want to start downloading new files, not all the files that exist in this very large FTP directory).
  • I don't want bi-directional syncing (e.g. I don't want changes I make to the local files and directory structure to change the remote FTP server, the FTP server needs to be left completely alone).
  • Automating it in some fashion would be ideal.

What would you guys suggest? The solutions I'm turning up are all missing the mark in some fashion (e.g. they have bi-directional syncing or they have no way of starting the syncing today instead of trying to pull down the entire directory).

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Having have bi-directional syncing should not be a problem, as long as you can turn that off. (E.g. with rsync). –  Hennes Feb 9 '13 at 0:32

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