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I want to:

  1. Enter planned duration. Say, 1 day. (And make it the duration value)
  2. Keep changing an estimation of completion percentage as I do work. (And make the duration change starting from "1 day" to whatever the real value will be)
  3. Enter actual duration after finishing the task. (And make "duration" equal it.)
  4. Even if I've spent less than "1 day", be able to set completion percentage to 100% and mark task as done/inactive.
  5. Keep planned duration at initial value whatever the real amount spent is.

How to achieve that?

I know that there are baseline, scheduled etc columns, but I can't figure anything out.

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Not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, but trying to manage tasks using the percentage complete is never a good idea in my view. You are better off exposing the following columns and working with them:

  • Work
  • Remaining Work
  • Actual Work

Work is your estimate of how long the task will take and it is ALWAYS the sum of Actual Work and Remaining Work.

Remaining Work is the current number of hours (or days or whatever) that is left to complete the task and is ALWAYS Work minus Actual Work

Actual Work the real number of hours (or days or whatever) you have actually completed and is ALWAYS equal to Work - Remaining Work

If you change Actual work then project will automatically calculate Remaining Work and if you change Remaining Work then project will automatically calculate the new Work value

Similarly if you modify Work then project will auto-calculate the new Remaining Work value

All the while this is happening Project will automatically work out the completed percentage for you equal to the ratio of Actual Work to Work...

It is a much more accurate and intuitive way of managing and tracking the progress of tasks.

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