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I've been using for a while and it works great when I'm typing fewer than 80 or so characters on a line.

When I type more than 80 characters, however, the words I typed scroll off out of sight. In practice, this often isn't a problem if I've got a good stream of thought going. I just keep typing and hit enter at the end and all is well.

The problem comes in when I'm halfway into a long line and I realize I need to go back and edit what I've typed. I hit the left arrow and try to find the right place I want to edit. Then I right arrow back over and try to pick up the train of thought. With only about 80 characters visible at any one time, I sometimes make a mistake and introduce a grammatical error.

I'm open to a variety of solutions to this general problem. I haven't used irssi scripts before but I'm open to it.

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Use the Home, End, Ctrl+←, Ctrl+→ alternatives to your advantage. – Daniel Andersson Feb 9 '13 at 16:30
Recently, I've switched from irssi to Weechat (which is much more actively developed), and its input area automatically expands to multiple lines. – grawity Feb 9 '13 at 19:29

irssi has many commands to move the cursor - see eg and there might be a script which allows input to be spread across multiple lines. please check

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Shoot, I had written a longish answer earlier today but it was lost, probably due to the maintenance that was performed.

In short, I got a tip from and tried the following, which worked well:

vim ~/.irssi/inputline
/alias x /exec -out cat ~/.irssi/inputline

The /x sends the input right into the window.

Another suggestion was to just make your window bigger, which will probably work for me in many case:

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