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I need a laptop that has two network cards onboard. I've tried in vein searching for such a beast. Can anyone shed some light on where I can find such hardware? It should also have a parallel port.

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That's gonna be mighty hard to find. Just finding one with a parallel port is difficult these days.

Have you considered an option of getting a regular one (that has parallel port and network card inside) and then getting another network card in pcmcia form?

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Easiest way to aquire dual nics is using the built-in nic and for the second through a usb network adapter or express card ethernet adapter. The express card versions would give you much better performance if you need gigabit speeds.

Same with the parallel port. Just easier get a USB adapter:

With the external options, you can get almost any laptop you like and would use better.

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None with two inbuilt NICs.

Your best bet is to get a USB-to-Ethernet dongle, or a PCMCIA or ExpressCard Ethernet solution.

As to parallel-port, get a USB-to-Parallel port extension, or go for one of the older notebooks (plenty have parallel ports built-in).

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I can't say it isn't expensive, but it's what you're looking for:

Siemens Simatic Field PG M4: 6ES7716-2CA10-0CA4

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