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I have following setup;

  • Windows 7 running WinSSHD
  • GitBash (WinSSHD launches this as console when connected)
  • Nano 2.2.6 WIN32 version
  • Remote Windows with Putty connected via ssh to above server

Everything else works just fine; console, VIM, git, etc. But when I start my favourite editor nano, the keyboard is not working correctly; Arrow keys respond with [ unknown command ], Alt (or AltGr) is completely ignored, as in Finnish keyboard the {[]} are coming from AltGr+7890, so it is tricky to compose code.

I can move around with the Ctrl + P,N,F and B -keys

Nano works fine when started from local cmd-prompt or from gitbash-shell.

Is there any way to fix this keyboard issue with my configuration?

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