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I am looking for an application that browses an offline representation of a file system with a representation as close as possible to Windows Explorer (or another file browser). Ideally It should maintain key metadata, including sizes, dates, etc.

One option I have is to browse the saved output from the following programs:

  • treesize professional (not free)
  • windirstat (update: windirstat doesn't allow one to save output)

This would be used to browse occasionally connected storage (external drive, network share, etc).

A bonus (nice to have) would be some sort of duplicate checking which detects duplicate directories (not just files).

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I think there's no ready program for doing ALL that...

If you're programmer, maybe you try LogicNP Shell MegaPack ?
You can create Explorer-like programs with it easily, if you know any programming language
such as VB, VB.NET, C++, C# (which can use ActiveX or .NET objects).
They've both ActiveX and .Net versions of their products.
Also there can be a compiled explorer-like sample.

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