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PowerPoint has this default font called Calibri (Body) and Georgia (Headings). How do I change this, such that I can have, for example, Helvetica Neue Light (Body).

In case you ask why I want this, it's because I'm doing quite a lot of copy-pasting at this point and it's annoying that the pasted text comes out in Calibri (Body).

I'm using PowerPoint 2011 on OS X.

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it would be helpful if you add the version of PowerPoint you are using – Shekhar Feb 11 '13 at 0:05

Under the "View" menu, choose View -> Master -> Slide Master.

Then in the master view, choose the type of slide and you want to change default fonts, Then choose the texts you need to change font formats, and choose the font type you want either from Format menu, or the toolbox. Now when you add a new slide of the specific type you just set up, the default font will be the one you just choose in the master view.

I usually choose the top one in the master view, and change fonts format there. Then basically whatever slides I insert later, will have that font type by default.

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You need to

Select and format a text shape to taste Ctrl+Click (or rightclick) the edge of the text box Choose "Set as Default Text Box" from the popup menu.

This will set the default for the current presentation. It won't affect what happens in other presentations, already created or new.

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  1. Click on any blank area of the slide or outside the slide. You want to make sure that no object on the slide is selected.
  2. Choose Format > Font... and make your selections for font style, color, size and type.
  3. Click OK when you have made all your changes.

Please not these will only affect future copy/paste, the previous text will remain with the same fonts.

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If there are no selected objects, the Font... item in the Format menu is grayed out, and so are the font tools in the ribbon – Kit Feb 11 '13 at 4:53

PowerPoint Mac 2011

I hate that I had to hunt for a template/theme I used before or change the default one. Here's how I changed the default so I always get the template/theme I always use as my default when opening PowerPoint...

  • Themes (found on the ribbon tab... along from home)
  • Edit Master (last of the large buttons) > then select "Slide Master"
  • Make the changes you want to the Slide Master > Close Master
  • Save Theme (button to the left of where you found the Edit Master button)
  • Save Theme (again but now set your theme to "Set Current Theme As Default")
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