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I was browsing through external storage enclosures and I read that some enclosures are not supported by the eSATA port on the motherboard if it does not have port multiplier functionality. I found that my M2N-SLI Deluxe's eSATA port does not have the functionality and want to know what my options are with adding storage. Is it possible to get a SATA expansion card or similar with a storage enclosure and still be able to use my motherboard's hardware RAID functionality?

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First what is your goal? How much storage do you need? How many and what size hard drives do you have? If you want 9tb of RAID 6 the answer is very different than 2tb. I have an external promise case that can hold 16 hard drives linked to an adaptec 5805.

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I ended up purchasing an eSATA card with port multiplier functionality and an external enclosure.

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