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I know that we can fold methods,if statement and ... .But I want to fold arbitrary part of code that is written in a method.I guess that in NetBeans we can do this:

// <editor-fold desc="describe what is in here">
Your code goes here...
// </editor-fold>

But now I'm developing in Eclipse.Here is a propose,but it did not work for me.Do you know any way to do that?

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Which version of Eclipse? How did that solution not work for you? Did you add the braces? Did you not see the - sign allowing you to collapse what was in between the braces? – Karan Feb 12 '13 at 22:31
@Karan I'm using Eclipse Helios.I added braces and I did not see any sign(- or + ). – hasanghaforian Feb 13 '13 at 7:21
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I found Coffee-Bytes plugin.I downloaded it from this link and here I found a guide for using it.You can see more details in these references:


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