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I need some help in my DVR configuration with my router. My dvr brand is H.264. I assigned IP to dvr as ( and in router DMS host put this IP ( DNS server enabled and in dynamic DNS inserted the host name and my dyndns username and password

Then in virtual server option I insert application name as DVR- exrnal port start 8080 and end 8080 server IP is my dvr IP (

It is working outside at every IP, but not open on local IP or this router.

Can someone let me know what may be the problem?

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I assume the chosen local IP address is in the correct range for your router? I.e. your router is also If so, have you checked your subnet settings?

A work-around is to access the cam locally through the global/WAN IP or host name, i.e. going through the back door - walk around the house - and come back in through the front :)

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