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  1. Created brand new image of Ubuntu Server 12.04
    1. Installed Apache2
    2. Applied all updates / upgrades
    3. ifconfig shows IP aaa.bbb.c.ddd
    4. Using 'Bridged' setting in VMPlayer
    5. Using IE on host, enter http://aaa.bbb.c.ddd/ results in the following pop-up

'Do you want to open or save aaa.bbb.c.ddd (634 bytes) from aaa.bbb.c.ddd?'

  • I checked 'Network Connections|Local Area Connection|Properties and checked the boxes beside VMware.
  • Saw some website that said I needed to enable php in IE, but wasn't clear if that is causing my problem.

I appreciate any help you can provide!!

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Since you resolved your problem, why not post your solution as an answer to the question and accept it? – allquixotic Feb 11 '13 at 19:47

(As posted by trevil)

I solved the problem by doing the following:

  • Reinstalled LAMP on the Ubuntu Server [but I don't think this is what cured the problem]

  • Went to 'Network and Sharing Center' and saw the 'Unidentified Network', then clicked on 'Customize' and saw the box for 'Location Type: Public' was checked. I changed that to 'Private'

Now when I open IE on the Vista host and enter the IP address, I correctly see the screen that I was expecting. (I was creating this VM to play with Omeka, so now I get the Omeka config screen.)

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