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is it possible to remove a known password from a ZIP archive without extracting the actual archive?

I have some heavily compressed archives and want to avoid having to extract and rezip each of those archives. The decompressing and recompressing would take a lot of time and I simply need the passwords removed (which I know) before I pass them on.


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Since passwords are used to encrypted the contents of the files stored in a Zip file, it seems unlikely that what you want to do could be done without first extracting and decrypting the files. It's possible the Zip utility you're using might provide a convenience command that does all of these step necessary for you, although I don't know of any that do. – martineau Feb 12 '13 at 16:40
Check the Zip format (start at, if it is as @martineau says, you'd have to unpack and repack. – vonbrand Feb 13 '13 at 3:28

It is not possible since the files are encrypted The files have to be decrypted

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