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This may be a strange question, but a friend of mine (an acer fan) assured me that Apple uses Acer to for their display. I have not been able to confirm (or deny) this assertion? Does somebody here know one way or the other?

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I've never heard of Acer making LCDs AT ALL. In fact, I don't know of them making much of anything themselves. I think my Acer CD drive was made by Philips or Pioneer, and it sucked, so I never bought Acer after that.

Regardless, the main LCD manufacturers, in order, are Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp, and Sony. I think Dell might make their own too. As far as I know, Apple just shop around for the best price/quality deal they can get on a product-by-product basis.

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Dell uses LG panels, among others. They probably use whatever is cheapest as well. – EmmEff Oct 13 '09 at 23:27

Not all of them, certainly. My MacBook Pro panel is a B154PW04 V6, manufactured by AU Optronics. You can determine the panel by executing the following in a terminal window:

ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

and then google the result.

I have not seen any manufactured by Acer, but it's certainly not impossible.

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Mine is Samsung (using your genius oneliner) – Rich Bradshaw Oct 21 '09 at 18:47
How the hell did you work that out by the way? – Rich Bradshaw Oct 21 '09 at 18:49
I stole it from someone on the Internets. :) Wish I could claim credit for it. – ChrisInEdmonton Oct 23 '09 at 16:12

Just checked my 15" unibody and it's an LG panel... I've never heard of Acer making panels for Apple either.

I know LG makes the panel in the Cinema Displays as well. Again, perhaps not all of them.

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