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I've installed Centos not so long ago, installed it both with KDE and Gnome. Also installed NVidia drivers. So I have no idea which Linux Distro is good, but I like CentOS, sometimes embarrassed with this alt-f1-f8 switches when the system hangs, because my computer got only 1.5 GB memory, DDR1 xor 2 don't know exactly. So I've downloaded the DBDesigner tool for creating DB schemas and reverse engineering, and when I'm trying to install it the message comes:

--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: DBDesigner
Error: Package: DBDesigner
Error: DBDesigner

Can you tell me how to install the needed libraries??

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The short of it - you can't.

It looks like this software is VERY old - Version 4 (from their website) talks about a 2.4 Kernel, and recommends Redhat 7.3 which is well over 10 years old - and appears to be designed for Windows (it libborunwind is/was found as part of a library for Borland Software), so I doubt you will get the software running just using the RPM.

Similarly, I tried downloading the ".tgz" file, and it is looking for libraries which are simply too old.

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In that case, look around for some other package doing this. I'm sure at or the other RDBMS sites you'll find something. Or look at the *.edu sites for database courses, they'll probably suggest someting for use by the <strikeout>victi</strikeout>students. – vonbrand Feb 13 '13 at 3:08
Oh, I'm not advanced in Google search, it always offers me mysql-workbench and I need this software because it can regallery (autolayout) all tables, and to export to my needed format. Maybe I should use wine version? Don't know, because don't want to loose these opportunity. Best regards – Alexandr Kochubey Feb 13 '13 at 8:31

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