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I'm trying to create an Autohotkey hotkey that will collapse a tree list that has no collapse all button. I can collapse this by repeatedly pressing left and then down. I added this hotkey:

Loop 10

Yet, when I try it in notepad or OneNote, it just moves the cursor 10 spots left. When I try in on my tree list, nothing happens. Do I need to add in delays? What am I missing?

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As I don't know what application this is, I can only guess that a small delay may be the right thing. You might try the following.

Loop 10
    Send, {Left}
    Sleep, 200 ; Wait 200 ms
    Send, {Down}
    Sleep, 200 ; Wait 200 ms


So you don't have these (+) and (-) in front of the directories to collaps them? Directory Structure in Notepad When I press < and v, nothing happens in the notepad directories though.

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I'd expect it to move the cursor down and left in Notepad and OneNote. I'll try delays. – Patrick Szalapski Feb 13 '13 at 3:54

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