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Unlike the other questions answered, I haven't seen my problem addressed. I work in TV and have time codes that need to be evaluated/stored. 01:23:45:04 is 1 hour, 23 mins, 45 secs and 4 frames (out of 24 or 30 depending on stuff). When I concatenate some separate values from Excel cells together into a timecode, Excel ignores leading 00's all over the place, and won't allow my format. It likes days:hrs:mm:ss:partial secs displayed in 000 ths. etc.... I need to be able to combine 4 different 2 digit numbers into an 8 digit time code separated by colons (:) exactly like this: 01:43:23:02 and not have Excel give me 1:43:23:2.

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this is a colon : -- a semicolon looks like this ; – teylyn Feb 12 '13 at 22:32

If you could live with the frame being a decimal this might work:


Otherwise I think you need to have the frame in a separate cell since it doesn't fit in with normal datetime stamps.

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Do you mean you have hours, minutes, seconds and frames in different cells? If you have those in A2, B2, C2 and D2 respectively then try using TEXT function to concatenate and retain leading zeroes, i.e.


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