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How can I calculate a monthly total of the courses completed for the month ONLY when they were due for that same month (sometimes students are late and sometimes early)?

The spreadsheet has a column of 2013 expiration dates (column A in m/d/yyyy format), which also includes entries such as "New". Column B contains the 2014 due date (date given once course is completed for next years expiration, there are blank cells) in m/d/yyyy format.

I have tried the following formula that does not work.

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Welcome to superuser. Can you show us an anonymized example spreadsheet? – nixda Feb 13 '13 at 0:32

I'm not sure why you are using RC notation....

I assume you want to count rows where col A is in Feb 2013 and column B is not blank - in Excel 2010 you can use COUNTIFS for that - put the first of the month (1-Feb-2013) in D2 and use this formula in E2


That will happily ignore any text like "New" in column A.....

....or does the column B entry have to be specifically Feb 2014? If so try


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