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Currently, the only way I know to add a Tracking Protection List (TPL) to IE is by going to the Internet Explorer gallery, and then add it from that website.

But suppose I want to add this TPL from this URL here: (Fanboy Ultimate TPL), which is not in the IE gallery - How do I add this to Internet Explorer?

The TPL configuration UI does not seem to have an option to manually add a TPL from a URL: enter image description here

I am using IE 9 on Windows 7.

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You can add every tracking list to IE with a small HTML file

  1. Create a new text file and insert this code
    <a href="javascript:window.external.msAddTrackingProtectionList('', 'Fanboy Adblock List')">Add TPL</a>
  2. Save it as AddTPL.html and open the HTML file with your Internet Explorer
  3. Click on the Add TPL link and Allow blocked content
  4. Click once more on the Add TPL link and add your TPL list

Final result to prove everything is working

Additional notes

  • Change the URL to what ever tracking list you want to add.
    Here is for example the Easylist TPL
  • Fanboy's adblock list was merged with EasyList long ago. However, the Fanboy Tracking List, Enhanced Trackers List and Annoyances List (which are all included in the Ultimate list) are not included with the merge. You can read more from Fanboy himself here.
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Thanks for this. I know that Fanboy's Adblock list was merged with EasyList, however I believe this is not the case with the list I linked to: the Fanboy Ultimate list (which contains the Fanboy Tracking List, Enhanced Trackers List and Annoyances List, along with the now-merged adblock list.) – galacticninja Feb 13 '13 at 12:48

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