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I am working on an intranet.

I have some AIX servers, and I use to login them via putty.

It works fine from some workstations, but I am not able to login from one of my windows workstation.

I get connection timeout error. Although I am able to ping that AIX server from this machine. Also, tracert commands gives results.

Also, I am able to login this AIX server from other machines. Only having problem with one machine only.

I wanted to know how to change the settings of the AIX server so that it allows me to login from all workstations on the network.

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It is probably a firewall issue if you can ping but can't ssh. You say intranet so I guess it is a corporate environment, have you contacted the network department? – jaume Feb 15 '13 at 11:35
@jaume I have access to the target machine as an admin..can you suggest how to add my workstations' IP in the list with the ones from I am able to connect from? – nitgeek Feb 16 '13 at 16:48
I added an answer with my suggestions on how to solve this problem. Hope it helps! – jaume Feb 18 '13 at 10:10

Not being able to connect with SSH to a remote computer while ping works, as it is your case, usually points to some sort of packet filtering in place.

SSH access is either blocked by a firewall placed between your workstation and the server, or on the AIX server itself.

In the former case, contact the firewall administrators.

In the latter case check this:

For further troubleshooting use tcpdump:

tcpdump -n -i en1 src workstationIP and port 22

or iptrace (use ipreport to read file trace.out):

iptrace -a -i en1 -s workstationIP -b -d serverIP -p 22 trace.out

to find out whether SSH IP packets from your workstation are arriving at the server. In both commands replace en1, workstationIP and serverIP with the name of the active network interface on the server and the workstation and server IP address.

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