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Is it possible to echo out a string in tcsh such that it is fully escaped, as tcsh would understand? In the same way as printf %q works in bash:

% # Create a variable containing a tab character
% MYMONKEY=$'my\tmonkey'
% printf %q "$MYMONKEY"

Which can then be used to re-input the variable into bash. Anyone know of anything similar in tcsh?

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I've usually had to write a filter program (sed script) for just such a purpose. – mdpc Feb 13 '13 at 17:53

Workaround idea:

in tcsh

set MYMONKEY="my\tmonkey"

Note you do not add a "\n" at the end so the output will reflect this decision:

 printf "%s" $MYMONKEY

 to fix it you can use 

 printf "%s\n" $MYMONKEY


 printf $MYMONKEY
 my      monkey_My_Login_Name_@myhost>_

 my      monkey
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