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I'm using Scribus to print labels with serial numbers for my devices. Is there a way that I can automatically read and insert the serial numbers I want to print into Scribus from a text file (or even a Google doc)?

The idea is the following: I define fields in Scribus , and autopopulate the values of this fields form a text file.

Is this possible?

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I used python to edit the file.

    # this script populates the scribus template for the SN of FuelSpy
    # Olmo Mezger
    import re # regular expression
    import os.path #for os path operations

    myFile_Tempate = "SN_Template.sla"
    myFile_Out = "SN_Tier_01.sla"

    i_start = 1
    i_number = 27*7

    # check if file exists
    if os.path.isfile(myFile_Out):
        print 'aborting, output file exist and I dont want to overwrite it. Delete it manually if you want to continue',
        print 'continue'

    f_in = open(myFile_Tempate, 'r')
    f_out =open(myFile_Out, 'w')

    # loop
    i = i_start
    for line in f_in:
        #print line
        myString = line
        if myString.find('%') == -1: # it does not have %
            myNumber = '%0*d' % (4, i)
            myNewString = myString.replace('%',myNumber)
            #print myNewString
            print i
            i = i+1

    print "done"
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There is also Scribus Generator that takes data from a CSV file and replaces variables inside Scribus documents. See

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If I only knew this before... thanks, but my script is working pretty well :-) – otmezger Mar 10 '13 at 8:08

Scribus ITEXT read


$xmldata=[xml](gc 'C:\1\menu_template1.sla')


Tested number


$xmldata=[xml](gc 'C:\1\menu_template1.sla')
$xmldata.SelectNodes("/SCRIBUSUTF8NEW/DOCUMENT/PAGEOBJECT[@ANNAME='Text1232']/ITEXT") | Set-Variable xmlnode

$xmlnode.SetAttribute("CH", "New Serial")

Scribus ITEXT write

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Thank you for your answer. I made a python script for this task. You brought me to the idea that the file format is xml, so I can actually edit it via python. Here is my script: – otmezger Feb 16 '13 at 12:29

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