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i am using power point lectures. i want to mail merge speaker data into the respective lecture.

now thats not possible with ppt as far i know, so i have to convert these lectures to handout by using power point option "publish>MS word handouts" and use word mail merger.

this is good since it will keep the comments/notes added in slides in handouts aswell. but these exported handouts in word remain actual slides and retain link to original ppt rather than simply get exported as images. so the file size gets verrry big 10mb ppt = 212mb doc=88mb docx

Is there any option to convert handouts exported from power point to word as images? i simply cant save them as pngs from powerpoint since that will not include the comments data.


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Please give some more info and in more detail. – harrymc Oct 14 '09 at 8:03

Not sure if this will solve it entirely, as I am not understanding exactly - but after you have imported it in to Word, can you print it as a PDF using Adobe Acrobat or a free tool such as Bullzip PDF.

You can then hand out this and it should look exactly the same but be a fraction of the file size.

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This is a good, quick, and easy work around. – Troggy Sep 7 '10 at 21:40

You can export the ppt as images (PNG would be better) by using Save As.

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