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I'm using CamStudio Portable and there aren't any good codecs integrated.
So additionally you need to install a good one like ffdshow tryouts.

Q1: It is possible to use a codec without installing it first? As a .dll or .exe maybe
Adding and deleting registry values via batch to register that codec is a valid solution for me as long as I can clean up all traces.

Q2: If its possible, is there a H.264 codec that could be used with CamStudio? How do I integrate it?

I simply want to record my screen and the output video should be as small as possible.
I don't want to convert the video in a second step.

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Calling for shopping recommendations is never a good idea here. Q1 is possible depending on the codec I guess. I have registered and unregistered the CoreAVC AX DirectShow filter using regsvr32. As for Q2, no idea. You might need to ask the developers whether this is possible. – Karan Feb 14 '13 at 15:58
Perhaps you can look into automating/launching CamStudio using a script, and then make the script transcode the AVI or WMV or whatever CamStudio creates to MP4 or MKV using a portable command-line H.264 encoder? – Karan Feb 14 '13 at 16:20
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After some more research and no solution yet, I decided to move on and searched for alternatives.

I found oCam (Screen Recorder) which can be used portable if you extract the installer with UniExtract.
It doesn't write anything to registry, but writes to AppData folder.

The neat thing is, that it already has some build-in video codecs.

enter image description here

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