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I recently uninstall fedora on my laptop and installed opensuse instead. Everything was working fine.

Since I used fluxbox with fedora and I still use it with opensuse, I decided to use my old configuration of fluxbox and I modify some files (don't remember exactly which, that's the problem). The problem is that now I can't move or resize my windows anymore (for now i use the alt key + my mouse but it is a little bit anoying).

Did someone had the same problem or/and know where correct it.

Thank you

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These lines in ~/.fluxbox/keys are used for moving windows with the title bar and corners:

  # Normal window movement.
  OnTitlebar Move1 :StartMoving 
  OnLeftGrip Move1 :StartResizing bottomleft 
  OnRightGrip Move1 :StartResizing bottomright 
  OnWindowBorder Move1 :StartMoving 

I usually hold the alt-key and drag with the left mouse button to move a window, and drag with the right mouse button to resize. This allows me to use very small right & left grips. It can be done by adding these lines to the keys file:

  # alt + left/right click to move/resize a window
  OnWindow Mod1 Mouse1 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartMoving}
  OnWindow Mod1 Mouse3 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartResizing NearestCorner}
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correct answer. – akira Feb 14 '13 at 18:32

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