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Here is what I want to do. Sheet one on a workbook is a "master list of all. Sheets 2 thru 5 are location breakdowns of the master list, with column B being the location. I want to be able to change the location on Sheet one and have it populate/depopulate the proper location sheet 2 thru 5

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Try using the INDIRECT function. See here for a tutorial.

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You can reference a cell on another worksheet using the following format Sheetname!Cell identifier. For example:


You can directly enter this on cells on the other sheets. Or type = and then select the other sheet and then select the cell you want and then hit the Enter key the referenced cell will be inserted for you.

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Consider to use so called 3D-formula: assuming you need to "populate" cell A1 from sheets 2-5 use this formula: =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet5!A1)

Read more: 3d formulas in Excel 2010

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