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I am new to Amazon Glacier. I have succesfully created a vault and uploaded some archives. In the management console I can only see the name of the vault and that it contains 4 archives, taking up 4.2 GiB. But I simply can't find a way to list the archives in the vault. Subsequently I need to delete the archives as the contain wrong data.

I have looked and googled for more than an hour but still I can see no way of listing the content of a vault.

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Amazon Glacier data isn't really meant to be accessed on a whim. It takes considerable time to pull data out of a vault.

I'd recommend using CloudBerry Explorer. It's free and for the most part seems to work.

After installing, you'll need to add your Glacier account.

enter image description here

Double click New account and add a display name (can be whatever you want):

enter image description here

To grab your access and secret keys, navigate to https://portal.aws.amazon.com/gp/aws/securityCredentials or click your account name and select Security Credentials. enter image description here

Copy and paste those in to the new account and there you go. Now right click your vault and hit Get Inventory. Wait some hours and enjoy. enter image description here

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