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I am trying to setup a watch folder so that when a file is added to a folder, I can run a shell script...for this purpose I made a simple test but cannot make it work...

Here is my applescript

on adding folder items to theWatchedFolder after receiving theDetectedItems
    display dialog "Transcode Successful"
    do shell script "/Users/wme/Desktop/" & theDetectedItems
end adding folder items to

and the

    name=$(basename "$f")
    dir=$(dirname "$f")
    notify-send "$name"

While it does alert me "Transcode Successful" So I do know that the applescript is working...I dont get notified via the shellscript that the correct filename has do I do that?

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on adding folder items to p after receiving input
    set l to {}
    repeat with f in input
        set end of l to quoted form of POSIX path of f
    end repeat
    set text item delimiters to " "
    do shell script "bash ~/Desktop/ " & (l as text)
end adding folder items to

You can also use Automator to create folder actions that run shell scripts directly:

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