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Possible Duplicate:
Windows: How to remove items from the right click (context) menu?

When I Right-Click on 'Start Button', it shows a whole bunch of Options in addition to regular ones like 'Open', 'Explore', 'Properties', 'Open all Users' & 'Explore All Users'. I really dont want all the other options.

Can anyone please help me how to remove those unwanted entries in there ? I have both Windows XP Pro & VISTA.

thanks Rahul

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It might be helpful if, instead of describing the menu items you dont mind, you described the ones you don't. I have windows 7 and right clicking on my start buttons shows me only two options - properties (for the start menu and taskbar) and "launch windows explorer" - which just launches browsing my computer generally, not any start menu specific folder. – Chris Becke Aug 17 '09 at 9:27

That is based on an explorer context menu - and those are controlled by registry entries - see this:

or this:

Note this will affect right-clicking on files and folders as well...

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