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How to open the same document in separate windows in Microsoft Office Word? One solution would be to rename it, but is there other better solution?

It is the equivalent of my previous question which asked to do the same in Adobe Reader.

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If you'd like to work on different parts of the same document, you can click "View" - "New Window" or "Split". New Window - well, it's quite obvious. "Split" means the 2 windows will be stacked.

Repeat for as many documents as you like. Note that it is still 1 document - edits you do in 1 window will be transferred to all windows.

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Open the document. Then click File, then Recent, right click on the open document, then Open a Copy. Same document in two separate windows - done.

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I found Recent on Word 2010, but not on 2013 (Trial) –  Theta30 Feb 15 '13 at 23:21

You can also right click on the documents icon (in Windows 7) and select "new", this will open a new instance of the same file.

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