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Is it possible to set up XScreensaver so that it would turn the LCD backlight off only when I lock the screen by hand?

I thought it must be controlled by the "Quick Power-off in Blank Only Mode", but this option seems to work only in combination with Standby/Suspend/Off options. So what may be a good way of keeping the screen backlight off when the screen is locked?

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It seems that the "Quick Power-Off in Blank Only Mode" is only enabled when power management is enabled (makes sense, however the GUI implies otherwise IMO).

I have set every timed power management option to one minute and enabled the quick power-off option. Now whenever I lock manually the screen powers-off immediately. When I push a button the screen powers back on and powers off after one minute.

Power options

It should be noted that power management is also applied when not in screensaver.

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> however the GUI implies otherwise IMO - Exactly! I did try this method before posting my question. The reason I do not use it as you suggested is that I need my screen to stay on all the time except when PC is locked. – v_2e Feb 25 '13 at 19:51
It should also be noted that setting Display Mode to Disable Screen Saver also disables Power Management. – JB0x2D1 Sep 27 '14 at 12:08

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