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I am planning to create a server environment consisting of 1 hardware pc running Windows 8. On that Windows 8 machine I run 2 VM server one running linux the other is running windows 7. Is there a software backup solution to be able to backup on the fly taking snapshots and backups. Something 3rd party I can install and stop worrying about.

I know that I can shutdown the machine and copy the file. But one server is a mail server and that's not possible to do that.


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Which platform, you are planning to run VMs on top of? – Lasith Feb 16 '13 at 7:21
Windows 8? Have you tried: There are small small issues. You can also try Unitrends (free for 2 VMs). You can collaborate PowerShell with Windows built in backup to take snapshots. – Lasith Feb 16 '13 at 7:37

Because I was in the same situation than you without finding any satisfying solution, I wrote PowerShell script to do the job.

I published it to Github: Windows8.Hyper-V.Backup.

The script has hardcoded path and should be enhanced, but it works.

Basically, the script rely on the Windows built-in Shadow Services to be able to copy a file locked by another executable (Hyper-V service in this case).

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