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Seeking a free solution to synchronize my calendar and contacts between my Palm Centro and Google contacts and calendar. I currently sync my Palm contacts and calendar with Outlook 2000 on Windows XP.

Google Calendar Sync does not support Outlook 2000, and I would rather not pay to upgrade Outlook just for this, as I don't even use Outlook much anymore. I wouldn't mind migrating my calendar and contacts off of it, as long as I can still sync with the Palm.

I don't have an unlimited data plan for my Centro, so I can't use a solution that wirelessly syncs directly to Google.

I have set up GCALDaemon to sync up my Google calendar with multiple machines running Rainlendar, but I have not yet figured out a way to synchronize that data with the Palm.

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I use MemoToo that supports all of your options. In addition all of your contacts are stored in the cloud and you can get the same list of contacts anywhere.

I wrote a long blog post on syncing all of my contacts with a wide veriety of platforms.

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Evolution is a (free) Outlook-like program for Linux that has been ported to Windows. I use the Linux version and it syncs my google calendar and my Palm T3.

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