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Is there a way to have make automatically run when you edit one of the files needed for the build?

Related question: Configure makefile to run on file change, but that only has an answer for Mac OS X - I'd like a more general solution if possible (though I'm actually aiming for linux).

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There isn't a general solution – each OS has its own file monitoring API. On Mac OS X it is FSEvents, on Linux – inotify or fanotify, on BSDs – kqueue.

On Linux, you could use incron or write a script using inotifywait:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
inotifywait -r -m -q -e close_write ~/project \
| while read path event file; do
    if case $file in
        autogenerated.h)   false;;   # ignore a specific file to avoid loops
        *.c|*.h|Makefile)  true;;    # watch all .c, .h files, the Makefile
        *)                 false;;   # ignore all other files to avoid loops
    esac; then                       # (specifically, you MUST ignore auto-
        (cd ~/project && make)       # -generated files)
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