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I have very complicated mergefields in Word 2010, thus I would like to print out what I coded already to analyze it.

However, I cannot copy and paste the pure code, because it always converts to output. I neither found any option to print out the mergefields - NOT the result, but the original fields.

Example of code that I want to print or copy: { IF { MERGESEQ } = 1 "x" "y"}

How to do so?

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I suppose this option will make the difference:

Field codes

With checkbox active, I get field codes "printed" to PDF output.

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Go to Tools > Options and click the Print tab. Under "Include with print" select Field codes. For more info see here:


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There is no Tools > Options in Word 2010, and basically you repeated what the other answer already mentioned hours ago, but yours is for an older version of Word. –  Karan Feb 17 '13 at 23:02

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