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I'm looking for information on how to do this properly. What I would like to accomplish is having my new GTX 660Ti 3GB drive my two 22" lcd monitors ( witch it does marvelously right now ) and also output video to my Vizio TV. The TV is a model XVT3D554SV. Both of my monitors are using the two DVI connectors. I tried linking my TV with an HDMI cable but I have not gotten any video on the screen nor has windows or the video driver utility ( i forget the name of it ) detected the TV being plugged in. I'm not looking to have output to the TV all the time I would just like to fire up steam's big picture mode and sit back on my couch sometimes. Have i done something wrong or am i trying to do something this card can not handle here?

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Response from MSI tech support:

This card can only output to 2 display max using legacy connectivity (VGA, DVI, HDMI), unless if you use DisplayPort as your 3rd display then you can achieve three (3) display output.

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Wow, the info is just so convoluted. What a mess.

The 660Ti features page clearly lists NVIDIA surround as a feature tech:

Also the NVIDIA surround tool shows any of the legacy ports used to achieve the 3 monitor surround

The surround tech includes a 4th monitor as a "monitor panel" but does not seem to be available if you read the surround tech configuration tool that way.

Also, what is never addressed is if the 3 monitor display setup is only used in gaming and for spreading a single game frame across the 3 screens or if they all can be configured independently just as i do my 2 current panels. In either case the configuration tool does highlight all 4 connections as available for use in up to a 3 panel setup. Yet, MSI's answer explains why my TV gets no signal right now.

Looks like I've got some testing to do. What a mess.

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I got all pissed off and rewired things last night. Guess what,

I think i have a bad HDMI port on the TV because now everything works as you would expect. 2 DVI powered LED panels and my TV on the HDMI port.

Thanks for the top notch support MSI. At least their product works though!

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Let me be the first to say I am quite jaded when it comes to just about anyone's level 1 support. Now, I don't know the level of expertise of the person I got on the phone by calling ASRock but I did assume it was of the "level 1" variety. I was given the short, cover your bases answer and I admit was quite skeptical. Well, this is where I eat a bit of crow because it has solved the issue. The firmware update has produced a completely stable machine for over a week.

Guess there is a reason they throw those out as a first answer

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