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my audio card has some issues under ubuntu. everytime i fiddle with the volume, it messes up microphone.

i can't set the microphone at all under ubuntu GUI. it tries to assume things from the channels and boost and i end up with clicks instead of voice.

but i also want to keep using the GUI for volume output (as it works and is quite convenient)

so, is there any way to work around this by taking a snapshot of the mic setting in alsamixer after i set them manually, and have them replayed programatically so i can have a icon on my desktop that says 'fix mic' instead of opening a terminal, remembering what i have to change, do it manually...

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Running alsactl store will save all mixer settings into /etc/asound.state; alsactl restore will restore them. You can use the -f option to use another file; remove all entries that you don't want to change.

Alternatively, you can use the amixer tool to change mixer controls individually.

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