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Someone asked me to find a way to convert Word documents to image files, so he can create a photo email in Outlook (as opposed to attaching the images to the email).

I suggested saving the documents as PDF (using a plugin like PrimoPDF or Zotero and then saving those as images, but he does not have Acrobat Writer, so it does not give him the option to save as an image file. I've also tried All to Image, but it's not good, and I'd prefer a free solution.

Is there a way to convert Word documents directly to image files?

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@Indrek thanks for edit, I did considered searching before writing a question but could not find, i would be ok, if someone with god points merges it, I myself do not like populating good site like this with duplicates. – tough Feb 19 '13 at 13:38
With all answers appreciated and not having any plugin available or listed I will recommend him using Virtual Image Printer driver .Thanks – tough Feb 19 '13 at 14:27
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I just found this software: ImagePrinter

The basic idea is to use a virtual printer driver not to print to PDF but to image. That's the best idea I've got.

I haven't tried the software, but the approach should be the right one.

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Assuming that you are only interested in a single page image (as one really long image of multiple pages seems unusable to a potential recipient?), why not just use the Windows 7 snipping tool to create an image of that page? enter image description here

Then you can paste that directly into Outlook. (or any other image editor for touchup first).

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Thanks for response, Saw this online while searching as well, people seem complaining about the image quality. Isn't it something like print screen. – tough Feb 19 '13 at 12:30
Yes, both print screen and the windows snipping tool do a pixel for pixel capture of the screen and place that image in the clipboard. The difference is print screen is the entire screen, snipping is a subsection of the screen. If someone is getting distortion, they are either scaling it after the paste or saving the capture in a less than optimum format. – jdh Feb 19 '13 at 15:36

For screen capture, I use PicPick - has the ability to scroll the application Window without the scrollbars showing and in Word you just get the page without having to crop the app window away.

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Print screen + Paint will do the job. Free and simple. Do the following:

  1. Use the Print screen button (located next to F12)

  2. Open Paint (press the Win key, type paint, press Enter)

  3. Press Ctrl+V to paste your screenshot

  4. Edit the image as you see fit, then save the file as JPEG or PNG

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A bit more detail would help make this a more complete answer. – Dave M Feb 19 '13 at 13:19

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