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How do I set the background and foreground for the status notifications individually?

For example, specifically for LOGO or memory?

Can I tweak them individually in ~/.byobu/color somehow?

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You would need to edit the scripts individually in /usr/lib/byobu/*, if you want to modify their background and foreground colors.

Alternatively, you can add your own custom notification scripts, with your own color choices in ~/.byobu/bin/*. You could copy those that you want to modify from /usr/lib/byobu/* to ~/.byobu/bin/* and update them accordingly.

See the manpage, byobu.1 for the details on how to configure a custom status script.

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+1 this is hacking-around a little more than I usually like, but it seems possible to infer how to do this: I tried logo first, taking care to experiment with the color m W; printf "%s" "$LOGO"; color - calls, using F5 to refresh as I go along. At the very least, I will learn how to customise byobu in the future, should I need to. ty. – kfmfe04 Feb 19 '13 at 17:23

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