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I know I can swap windows using swap-window -d *source* -t *dest*, but I'd like to be able to swap the current window with the window to the left/right (effectively, 'move' a window left and right through the list). In particular, I want to map this command to a shortcut in my tmux.conf. I think I could do this if there was a way to reference the current window number in the tmux.conf file and do something like this:

swap-window -t *cur_window -1*

Is this possible?

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The tmux manpage describes the target-window syntax accepted by swap-window’s -s and -t options. Specifically, you can use + and - to refer to the next and previous window numbers.

Thus, you might bind < and > to move windows left and right like this:

bind-key < swap-window -t -
bind-key > swap-window -t +
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Thank you! Not sure how I missed that. – TimmyJ Feb 20 '13 at 14:19

Chris's answer is great!

Just some improve:

bind-key -r < swap-window -t -
bind-key -r > swap-window -t +

Flag -r indicates this key may repeat. This is may more convenient.

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