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I have a problem selecting or editing text in Word 2007 which is above the cursor's current position. I am unable to select any text or even just click in the upper part of the document text, but I am able to edit the text using the arrow keys going up, left, right, or down again.

It is irrelevant if it is an existing or a new document, how long or short the text is or how many lines the text has.

Example: I can create a new text, type a few words each line. If I try to click into the top of the text - not able to do. If I try to select any text - unable to do. If I try and use arrow keys up or left - no problem and I can edit text.

The document is not protected, no tracking changes selected, not read only...

This does only happens in MS Word 2007. I can edit everything and move the cursor round in MS Excel, Power Point and even Open Office.

Any idea?

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Here's some similar problems (and proposed solutions)… – David Zemens Feb 20 '13 at 0:50

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