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Is it possible to encrypt a message using PGP so that multiple recipients (each with their own public private keypair) can decrypt it? I'd like to email one message which can be decrypted by each person with their own keys.

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Yes, it's possible – practically all PGP software will let you add multiple recipients when encrypting; no additional configuration is needed.

Screenshot of a "recipients" window I grabbed off the googles

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Just to add, what PGP does is generate a key for a symmetric cipher, and cipher that for each recipient with their public key. So the message for many recipients isn't much larger than that for 1. – vonbrand Feb 19 '13 at 23:03
+1 for Mac OS 9 screenshot :) – Roy Tinker Feb 5 at 1:06
Is there any technical limit on the number of recpients? Like a whole company of 100 people? – Alex Feb 26 at 20:49

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