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I tried to port-forward the port 80 in my modem so I could show my website to other people.

The thing is that when I try to go to the configuration panel of the modem, now the modem redirects me to my IP, instead of the modem. As the web front-end of it uses port 80.

The modem is this one: Pirelli Discus DRG A112

Does anyone know if I can reset it to the factory default configuration or stop port-forwarding port 80?


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There is a pinhole reset button on the back of the modem. Press and hold it for like 30 seconds - it will reset it to default factory settings.

But before doing that try connecting to the modem using https://. If the modem has the secure page enabled - you will be able to connect to it since it's using port 443 instead of 80.

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Nevermind, someone suggested me to use :8080 instead of 80 and it worked. Thanks anyway – Pacha Feb 20 '13 at 2:12

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