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I have two .cshrc.user files for two different projects. For example, they set the same environment variables but with different values.

When I'm currently switching between projects, I run a python script which copies in the correct .cshrc.user file to my home folder before I open a new terminal window.

Is there a more convenient way of doing this?

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You can specify an rc file for csh to invoke after the usual ones (that is, /etc/csh.{chsrc,login} and $HOME/{.cshrc,.login}) with the -m flag. You could keep all the shared configuration in .cshrc and move the project-specific things to their own rc files, and just start a new csh session from within your existing one whenever you want to work on your project like so:

exec csh -m .cshrc.project1

This has the added advantage that project-specific variables don't get in the way during your regular shell use. The downside is that you'll need to do this in every new terminal window. How much of a pain that is depends on your workflow.

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