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i have created an ad-hoc network in Windows 7 Home Premium to play some multiplayer games, but windows won't allow for connections because it's set to Public network, and i can't change it in Network and Sharing Center. Is there any way to set it to Home network OR remove the public network limitations? ( Ps. Firewall is already turned off )

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Why use an Ad-Hoc network when you can have a standard windows workgroup LAN? By Ad-Hoc, I am assuming you mean WiFi Ad-Hoc?

Here is a link that explains how to change/delete network locations in Windows 7

How do I edit Network Locations in Windows 7?

My personal suggestion is always choose Work as the network type. Both public and private modes disable most network related functions that any regular user would want to do.

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I need to use Ad-Hoc because it's a kinda public Wi-Fi, so some person i don't know already created a workgroup. – wingleader Feb 21 '13 at 1:23

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