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I had a .msi file which is developed in in windows now i want to install .msi file in linux by using the command in terminal as follows

msiexec /i myfile.msi

but it show msiexec command not found can any one help

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You could try lessmsi or msiexec through wine. Maybe it will work. – Victor Hugo Feb 21 '13 at 5:34

.msi files are designed specifically for Windows. "msi" is short for Microsoft Installer. You can not properly "install" an .msi file in Linux. You might be able to find some tools that would allow you to look inside of that file. But the nature of that file is it's specifically created to be a Windows executable that utilizes Windows Installer Service. msiexec is a Windows command. Typing that in Linux will not work.

You should go back to whoever created that .msi file and request a Linux-native package.

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