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In Quicktime 7 it was super easy to make a selection with in/out points and cut/copy/paste that video. How do you achieve that functionality in Quicktime X?

I see Trim mode - that's only a small subset of what was possible in 7. How can you delete a span of video from the middle of a clip, or paste that to another part of a clip?

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QuickTime Player X does not have many of the more useful editing features that was available in QuickTime Player 7. You can find QuickTime Player 7 in your Utilities folder if it was installed when you upgraded to Snow Leopard.

Of note, QuickTime X is a new beast that contains QuickTime 7. The Players are completely separate entities from (but use) the QuickTime framework.

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If you didn't have QT Pro (ie the paid version) when you upgraded to Snow Leopard you can still install it: – ridogi Nov 29 '09 at 20:10

Quicktime X is not as capable as Quicktime 7 yet. The QT Cocoa API that it uses is not yet feature-complete. Thus, the older Carbon-based Quicktime 7 is still needed to perform some kinds of edits.

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