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I find the Windows Defender 'Excluded processes' window confusing. This is the screen I am referring to:

Windows Defender excluded processes screen

I would expect just to enter the name of a process, e.g., devenv.exe, but the Browse button makes me think I need a full path name. Here are three questions:

  • Do I need to enter full path names?
  • Can I use wildcards? * and ?
  • Is there any way I can tell whether a process is being excluded?
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You do need a full path name, and wildcards are not supported. As far as testing if an executable is being excluded, run a scan on the folder it is in, and view the details of the search.

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According to this TechNet article, wildcards are supported, but only for on-demand scans (e.g. scheduled scans or requested scans) and not for realtime protection (scanning when the file is accessed or modified).

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